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The Guides

Aurora Viking was founded in 2022 by Emil and Kolbeinn, both veteran guides with decades of experience. We have always felt a connection to our Viking anchestry and felt that there was something missing in the northern lights tours offered in Iceland. 

We decided to make something fun with our Viking outfits and equipment and also share the mind bending science behind the northern lights in an entertaining and professional way. 



Emil is a true Northern Lights enthusiast with many years of experience hunting them. Patience is one of the biggest virtues when it comes to finding the Northern Lights, something Emil has plenty of. Which he surely sometimes needs when raising his 4 boys. Emil loves spending time with his big family.

Kolbeinn - (Kobe)

Kolbeinn has over a decade of experience guiding travellers around Iceland. His favorite tours are the Northern Lights tours because of their hunting elements. Kolbeinn likes to spend his free time with his family and friends doing outdoor activities like fishing or exploring the uncharted wilds of Iceland on his superjeep. 

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