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Northern Lights Hunting For Dummies 101

The most common question we get is how to find the Northern Lights. Many people want to try their luck and strike out on their own to try to hunt down the Northern Lights. The amount of information on how to find them might seem overwhelming but it's not that complicated. First of all the lights are only seen in winter from late August and middle of April.

Step 1: Go to or windy and look at the cloud cover forecast. Step 2: Find a place clear of clouds and drive there Step 3: If you can see stars to the north of you, you will be able to see the Northern Lights if they turn on. Step 4: If you have a clear cloudless sky above an to the north, you might be seeing the Northern Lights already, if not then wait. Step 5: Wait and watch for something to happen.

Try to avoid the city lights as the light pollution coming off from them can make it harder to see the lights. If you follow this recipe your chances of finding the lights are already way better than average. If you want to learn directly from the pro guides or just want to maximize your chances you can book a tour with us and we'll show you the Lights!

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